The overall objectives of DEMETER is to support the development and evaluation of a value driven End-to-End (E2E) maintenance service architecture enabling the replacement of systematic scheduled maintenance by condition based maintenance. The following cost reductions are targeted with an E2E maintenance service architecture:

  • Reduction of the aircraft technical induced operational disruption by 0.2% to 0.5% with cost savings per year between 133M€ and to 334M€,
  • Reduction of the current average delay time of 28 minutes by 2 to 4 minutes enabled by enhancements in line maintenance support tools, remote expert support and enhanced diagnostic efficiency. This can provide approximately 195M€ to 395M€ savings per year.

In order to meet the expectations in WP 3.6 with economic and ecological technologies the following technological objectives are faced within the DEMETER project:

  1. Definition and development of a service oriented architecture for legacy fleet.
  2. Evaluation of the efficiency and performance of an E2E architecture.
  3. Integration key fundamental technology bricks for e.g. structure health monitoring into condition based maintenance concept.
  4. Improve the technology readiness level of the promising structural health monitoring systems from TRL 4 to 6.
  5. Analysis of design rules, system and performance requirements
  6. Development of algorithms prototype and, overall validation of the E2E platform and its technology.
  7. Develop/adapt the simulator to integrate the results from other WP demonstrators and demonstrations and to enable the E2E maintenance platform evaluation